7th mandate, MEPs have already asked nearly 4000 questions, our tool tracks them

We have developed a software tool that automatically checks the Europarliament website page of each MEPs to see if they have asked a new question. On a daily basis this tool puts new information onto MEPwatch website which already features all of the questions asked during the 6th mandate (2004-2009) which means more than 33,000 questions are indexed. Since the first plenary session of this Parliament, in mid July 2009, more than 500 questions have been asked and published on the Europarl website.  I am pleased to have put these together in a convenient format, indexed and ready for you to use. Some NGOs and Trades Unions have already used this service to alert their networks about these questions and to suggest that they could contact the MEP in their countries that have asked the relevant question. I am excited that this is now starting to fulfil my goal of helping the civil society to better understand what the parliament does, helping them shape the debate and supporting MEPs to be more transparent and accountable. ...and another number, another reason for me to be happy, and to be honest more important than the 500: 11. my son turned 11 years old today. Happy Birthday Dorian. Xavier.