What information is on MEPWatch?

The information published on MEPwatch is neutral, meaning that we have tried to gather the most complete information about all of the candidates from all of the parties standing for election to the European Parliament. 
Inclusion of a candidate in the MEPwatch database does not imply endorsement or support and we make no comment about their political programmes or manifesto positions.
However, the information has been gathered through the efforts of NGOs and trade unions that campaign on a progressive agenda that includes respect for human rights, health, environment and social protection. Many of the partners in this database are actively engaged on the european election campaigns and have prepared manifesto pledges that MEP candidates can sign.
- Tobacco Free Europe manifesto pledge
- Royal College of Nurses manifesto pledge
Health and Environment Alliance manifesto pledge
- CONCORD manifesto pledge
- ILGA Europe manifesto pledge
 - EPSU manifesto pledge
- Joint campaign on transparency, corporate accountability and fair trade manifesto pledge