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EP2014: the madness again


For the next EP elections, we'll start again, with wide coalition of ngos, to collect the contact details of all the candidates we can find.

What for? Both to know better who is coming, and to help these ngos having as many candidates as possible signing their pledges and supporting their manifesto.

We aim after the election to have a good overview of which mep supports which topics, and in general is interested to engage with the civil society.

New and improved - even more content is analysed

In addition to getting the MEP questions and classifying them, we have now added to the database all the answers to those questions from the Council and the Commission.
We have so far added 27,000 answers. Our tool has used the text of the answers to qualify better the questions, and therefore added extra relevant topics to the questions when appropriate. What this means is that when when you search the MEP questions for a specific a topic, you might find questions that aren't directly relevant, but where the answer relates to the topic

7th mandate, MEPs have already asked nearly 4000 questions, our tool tracks them

We have developed a software tool that automatically checks the Europarliament website page of each MEPs to see if they have asked a new question. On a daily basis this tool puts new information onto MEPwatch website which already features all of the questions asked during the 6th mandate (2004-2009) which means more than 33,000 questions are indexed. Since the first plenary session of this Parliament, in mid July 2009, more than 500 questions have been asked and published on the Europarl website. 

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